McCaela Sullivan: September

Hey Journey Group!!
I have just completed my first month in PFO and my passion for the organization just keeps growing!
One of the most important aspects of PFO is the Buddy Program. Each year, Playing for Others partners with another non-profit organization in Charlotte that will directly benefit children with disabilities and their families. This year, our partner organization is Hope (Helping Outcomes for Parents of Exceptional children). Each teen in PFO is paired with a child involved in the organization (a buddy) and another fellow teen (buddy partner). For the entire season, teens and their buddies will play and have fun together.
Playing for Others just had its first buddy event for the 2011-2012 season where I met my buddy Devin! The whole experience was eye-opening, and of course, a lot fun! I found out that Devin loves tiaras and the color purple, so I gave her a purple tiara. She didn’t take it off for the entire day. My buddy partner, Emily, and I spent the day with Devin swinging on the swings, coloring with chalk, and playing with a sprinkler, even though it wasn’t on (it’s amazing how much fun you can have with a dry sprinkler)! Devin is such a sweet person and I can’t wait to see her again next month.
Meeting Devin just reinforced all of the values I am learning here in PFO. It is really important to accept everyone for who they are and recognize that they are a PERSON first, just like you. By viewing others this way, PFO is breaking down barriers in my community and I am so excited to be a part of it!!
Just a reminder, the Fall Open House is at Whitehead Manor on October 15th! I will be dancing in a piece that was inspired by the ideas and values of PFO. I hope to see you all there! Thank you all who have made a donation so far- I really appreciate the support!

-McCaela Sullivan